Sunday, January 15, 2006

diapers. coupons. makeup. license.

i have a friend named sue. she and i worked at a seafood market together for 5yrs until it closed. her and i were born in different decades although i love all the products from hers more so than mine. she and i have maintained contact for over 9.5yrs, calling each other as often as possible.

anyhow, she gave me the most ellia-esque present ever!! its a campbell's bag that i use for both a purse and a diaper bag. i am lovin' its beauty, size, and classic design. it makes me feel hip again, as i once did in college at miad... there are days when i want the chic look, other times i enjoy the artistic style. this bag allows the latter... i never ever want to look like the typical suburban mom who only wears capri's, slip-ons, and button down shirts... give me my too-baggy ripped up pants, my small tees, and the zip up tiny hoodies... give me my suede abby clogs, and mary janes please... and if i can afford it, give me that upperclass downtown successful career look... but really, the best look for me is my "ellia" look.... and this bag does me justice


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