Sunday, January 15, 2006

a doll from childhood

i don't remember her name. but i've had her for nearly 18yrs. the past 6yrs stored in an attic or basement, awaiting for the nursery magic fairy to make her a real girl. unfortunately, she has remained hidden with hair getting nappier by the decade

today, i wanted her. while my son watched shrek yet again, i combed and brushed her unruly hair. if she was alive like toy story's woody, i bet she would have passed out from all the pain. and yet, her grin never fades. if i stopped washing, brushing, and conditioning my hair, there's no doubt we'd look like twins. it took the whole movie to get her washed, blow-dried, detangled, and re-styled. she ends up with a fro; curls brushed down in order to maintain composure.

when i first got her, it was either for my 7th or 8th birthday. my head was no doubt bigger than hers. our hair, however, just as curly, nappy and coarse. the length and style near the same. a few times, she'd be face down on my bed and my mom would think it was i lying there. a few people find her creepy. in fact, many people find most of my retro pictures and toys creepy due to their enormous eyes. of course, this doll is no cabbage patch yet i think she has far more personality than most of the cheap toys made these days. her grin can be interpreted as a grimace some days, secretive on others, and plain happy on the rest.

i like her. i always have. i know i haven't treated her the best these past years but i don't think my husband would want her adorning our bed. i like her body that's too frail to hold up her huge hard head. i even like the fact that she has a butt; there is a li'l piece of thread that resembles a buttcrack. i wonder if she at one time had panties.

i wish i knew her name. if ever i master knitting and/or sewing, i'd like to make dolls in her proportions. tiny body with big head. just like many of my illustrations.

*note: i kept most of my toys. i have an original cabbage patch doll that's around 22yrs old. his hair is quite a mess as well.


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