Sunday, January 15, 2006

life with a toddler.

one minute they are playing happily in their room. the next minute, toys are being thrown and tears shed. meet a typical 17mos old. first they hug, then somehow the mother/child bond is interrupted with a smack to the face. mom gives angry look, says, "no don't..." and is slapped again. the mood changes are nearly as hard to keep up with as a person is to a speeding city bus that was supposed to take them to work on time.

i love this stage despite the instant tantrums, roaming hands, curious climbing actions, and fighting over the very keyboard i type on. i love how my son kisses "moo-wahhhhh!" loudly and ending with a toothy grin. or how he hands me one dvd, then another. then another. and he'll clap his hands after each "thanks." but i don't like when the dvd is suddenly flung at me, especially for no reason. our communication skills are in need of work.

some days, his swings make me cry (and you wonder where he gets his frustrated mood from?!)... other days i can't help but to chuckle. today, for instance. he was happily jumping on his couch, playing, and screaming. he grabs a dvd and stares at it intently, while they might be giants' abc plays in his room. all of a sudden he chucks the dvd at me and goes into a full blown tantrum. i take him to his room and let him lay with his microphone. he's happy for a minute, maybe less. his cries re-play, repeat, and i cannot figure out its origin. a few smacks are blocked and because my husband needs sleep, i resort to my last option. i put him in his crib.

it could have been his medication that triggered such unhappiness. or perhaps he has cabin fever. after all, he's been in this house for over a week due to ear infections and cold weather. what i do know is this: one day he will be able to tell me what is wrong. for now, i can either laugh or cry, and put on the movie, shrek, one more time.

yes, i love this stage. i truly do.

*note: this picture was taken on a different day... however, his reaction to the crib remains the same... notice my niece laying down?!


Blogger tara said...

ellia-bo-bella!! so glad you started this mommy one!! i'm going to add this blog to my blogroll and read more of your posts tomorrow! so glad i'm not alone with the "smacks" to the face! what is up with that?! greyson usually plants one on me after i've told me "no-no" when he tries to rip my glasses off!
he tries ripping them
mama grabs his hands, tells him no-no
he grabs again and again, finally finishing with a frustrated nothing left to do smack and a HUGE pouty lip!!
it's so hard to stay firm and not cave in.... here you go take my glasses! it breaks my heart, seeing those big 'ole tears!
ok- my post is long as our emails!! -tara

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Chrystal said...

Love the new site - but holy cow the font is HUGE!!! Let me know if you want a screen shot so you can see how it looks on my pc :)

10:51 PM  

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