Tuesday, January 31, 2006

miss edna needs clothes

i want miss edna to be a ballerina... as i began to knit her shoes, i realized my needles were too large (yes, checking the gauge would be helpful)... not to mention, i think somewhere i added too many rows because it didn't even look close to what the book showed! so i might try to make my own pattern for now and see if it can turn out well... the same must go for the dress... some retro yarn for the upper... which i will knit it like a tube-top style, then sew in the tulle on the bottom... i have a couple bolts of white tulle i bought at a rummage sale for only $2... everything i use has been pre-owned other than the 3 pairs of needles i bought at wal-mart... now that i moved to a new neighborhood, i am looking forward to hitting the rummage sales around here... hopefully i can find more craft supplies- maybe even a sewing machine!

hopefully, this week i will finish her dress and maybe a few accessories to go with... i'd love to learn how to knit flowers [i've seen the crochet books though] but for now, i might end up using good ol' felt and some beads... stick a flower in her hair, a purse in her hand... and a beaded necklace around her mis-shaped neck


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