Saturday, January 14, 2006

a project in the process

after many days of waiting for the mailman to ring my doorbell, i began to put my hopes on a shelf.... then as i am on the phone, ready to go to panera bread for coffee and some much craved bread, there is a box wedged between my screen door... forget about the phone call, i got my package!!!!

five wonderfully artsie crafty books including the one above, knitted babes ...this book is fabulous!!! photographs alone, these dolls prove to have character. there's a variety of outfits to make including teeny tiny bitty flip-flips, ballet slippers, and cowgal boots. this book is truly my utmost favorite thus far.

instructions are seemingly simple and so far, my first knitted babe is going okay. of course, i still knit too tight, causing my pieces to curl up extensively. i hope that when the times comes to assemble and stuff, this will work itself out. considering this is only my second time knitting, the first time following a pattern, i am pretty determined to make this project a success.

come back in a month to see results (or perhaps, the unravelings of a frustrated ending)


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