Tuesday, January 31, 2006

retro yarn...

here are a couple skeins of my retro yarn... i don't necessarily know how old they are, but apparently target once sold them individually like wal-mart... i think my mom gave me a big bag of yarn a couple years back, and she may have it for longer... and considering she bought it at a rummage (or perhaps, the thrift store), who knows how old these skeins actually are?! the orange one is the lion brand, the only brand i actually am familiar with! i have many browns around so if i attempt to make any more knitted babes, i will have many morenas lying around here... at least with using old-skool yarn, my babes will surely have a vintage look just like my miss edna...

by the way, i am wondering if you are supposed to ball up the yarn or keep it it in its original shape?! i think i need the stitchionary or something, so i can figure out this knitting bizness much better


Blogger shoofly said...

you don't need to wind the yarn you have pictured into balls! but, if the yarn looks like this, you do.

10:23 AM  

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