Monday, January 09, 2006

there is art. there is diego

meet diego... a 17 mos old who loves to jump, scream, dance, and suck on his two fingers.... he's pretty short and he has quite the fro these days.... he has eyes that go from gray to hazel to slate depending on mood and outfit... he likes chasing cats and doesnt find food the most amazing thing in the world... he loves wearing baseball caps backwards and walking around with grampa's real microphone....

diego is my son, my joy, my personality tweaker, my full-time job... while i once was merely an artist, i have now become a mother who finds scraps of time to work on art... unlike an illustration, motherhood has no deadline, no finished pc to frame and sell... diego is a work in progress... in fact, we are both a work in progress....

my life as an artist, mother, wife, and friend is ever changing and quite the experience at that... there are many mistakes, tears, laughter, and short term memory, but its worth it... the whole she-bang; its worthwhile!

*note: see that mark on his face? that is from jumping off the couch... thankfully, he is like Wolverine from x-men; he heals quickly leaving not a scar


Anonymous jo@4 said...

THIS SITE LOOKS GREAT!!!!!! you did and are doing a really good job girl hugs to you and that handsome boy Man hes so big! hes going to knock those girls silly lol

9:38 PM  

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