Wednesday, February 08, 2006

a crafty substitute

i was tired of getting stabbed with my knitting needles shoved in a bag... so i decided to create a simple needle case... i really wish i could find the site where someone made beautiful knitting cases that were already sold out... they were to drool for! but alas, i cannot find the blog, and cannot give her the credit... anyhoo, i do not have thread, or a sewing machine so i had to figure out how to make something suitable for the time being... (eventually i will make a better version, or maybe buy on)e... in the meantime, i used hot glue, bias tape (i bought a whopping bag of retro tape at the thrift the other day), and the iron... i know, i know, its not the best craftsmanship but for now, it should do the trick... i don't have many knitting needles, and i need a couple crochet hooks as well... but in time, right?! so here it is, something manageable for when i work on my yarny projects... and yes, i said yarny...


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