Thursday, February 02, 2006

fearless at 18mos

i can't quite call my house child-proofed... i really wanted to just home-proof diego but in some cases, it doesn't jive... of course i keep my tremendously lethal stuff away such as knitting needles (ever see the csi episode where someone was stabbed and killed with one?)... and my x-acto blades and scissors are put in my closed off studio... but then there are things that need to be protected from diego... such as my papers, books, dvds, game controllers, the memory cards that hold our oh-so- precious games that my hubby and i play on our date nights... (yes, i play mortal combat, star wars battlefront.... smash brothers and mario party... halo 2?! well, that one i cannot manage to capture the flag)

but i have a climber on my hands... and a jumper at that!... he jumps off the couch, somersaults onto his spiderman couch and ends up laughing... he has climbed on the kitchen table, my old record player, my living room tables where again, he attempts to perhaps, fly?! it can't be all those batman cartoons i watched while i was pregnant, right?! (because then he'd have to do weird things because i watched tons of twilight zones too)... and all this is manageable until he climbs somewhere that lands him in the hospital.... no broken bones, only injured skin that leaves my stomach in a mess every time i change the bandages... give it a few more days and all will be back to normal....
yes, this is truly the "no fear" stage... and i know that regardless of cuts, bruises, burns, bumps, and scabs, my lil guy will come out a trooper... i think its harder on the moms than on the kids sometimes... learning how to keep your cool as a toddler is screaming... and by the time you get them to the hospital, your the mess but the kiddo is happily conversing with the nurse... i know this is all normal... it comes with parenting... but somehow, seeing my child in a bandage due to climbing on the stove, isn't comforting... i suppose by the time he is older and chooses sports, there may be injured bones... or if he goes into art, lethal chemicals... i guess there is danger everywhere so i better muster up the coolness needed to handle these situations skillfully and smoothly...


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