Saturday, February 04, 2006

february goals

this month i have a few semi-simple goals for myself.... they are not only in my nifty planner, but now, published before the world..

1. finish miss edna's clothes
2. complete my knitted bag/purse for the knitted olympics (if i get in)
3. make knitted babe #2 for my niece's 4th birthday
4. hmmm, this one is a secret but don't worry, it shall be revealed after the 7th
5. make 12 sample greeting cards for my rep
6. complete 3 illustrations this month
7. keep my blogs updated (sunday, wednesday, and friday nights)
8. brush up on my writing skills- boy, are they rusty!
9. read a couple books... (fiction, business, self-improvement)

we shall see come march, how many of these i was able to accomplish...


Blogger Walter's Mom said...

sooooooooo... today is the 7th.. what is your goal #4?????

12:22 PM  
Blogger shoofly said... rule book says once you post something, you have to do it! well, i guess thats the 'blog-rule-book-in-my-head'.

good luck!

12:34 PM  

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