Saturday, February 04, 2006

the gifts people gave...

she cooked us vegetarian lasagna... her kids baked bread and cookies... i was loaded up on coffee and yummy salsa... and they loved diego even when he was crying.... but what really added to their modest friendliness was the presents they gave us... her name is robin--- she worked with ramel at a wisconsin retail store... i mean, she knew him but us?! she only heard tales! she bought diego a cool truck, gave us cookies to take home, bought ramel a xbox game... but the kicker?! she bought me paper... ALOT of paper... in a perfect array of colors... a stack big enough to hold its own pile... i've been so thrilled to use them but have yet to complete an illustration fit for these beauties...
tell me, aren't they lovely?! enough patterns to compliment... and of course, there is green! i use green too much but it works too well with my work to ignore... and pink! the partners to my greens! and of course, i've been eyeing up that coral color... my artistic palettes are seeping into my wardrobe...
now, everyone around me knows i can't have enough of paper... for my 24th birthday (only last year), my hubby went and bought me a slew of paper! he knows my artwork well... he handpicked each piece, not one missing that ellia-esque flavor! i felt like i received a boxful of candy... and to top it off, he bought me specialty scissors, huge post-its for those big notes i leave around the house, and yes, crayons!!! and a coloring book to match... what a sweetheart! on some occasions i get pearls, on others paper... equally important, equally cherishing... gosh, i love him!
i can't help but mention that in that very summer, my parents bought a petite cropper for me... it's like a suitcase for paper and scissors and all the supplies needed to do illustrations... not to mention, its easy to carry so i can work in my studio, or move it down to the living room... it zips up so diego cannot find my papers and use them as toilet paper... or chase the cats with scissors... yes, this handy cropper is not only baby-safe, but it's convenient enough to escape the baby world... venture off to starbucks or barns and nobles so i can relax... anything that organizes and simplifies is the perfect gift... but ya know, what makes it even more sublime is who bought it for me... (yes, i am sentimental tonight)
lastly, i'd like to mention there is more paper than what i've shown you... i would love to do a paper swap with fellow paper-lovers... of course, nothing given as a gift will be swapped but don't worry, i have plenty... especially limited edition handmade paper from thailand- beautiful beautiful!!! i'd love to swap some paper, maybe some ribbon even to match... if anyone is interested let me know... or if you know of a blog that has this sort of swap, please share! who can resist giving and receiving paper?!


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