Thursday, February 09, 2006

the merging has begun!

you are not seeing double... i've just transferred all the posts from here onto my typepad account... yes, i seem fickle but ideally, its best to have one main blog... and i like typepad (no offense, google)... soooooo, if you click on the above picture, you will be linked directly to my site.... (and you can steal this button too if you want)

please all who have bookmarked me as greenbean mama, change the url! i really appreciate you all standing by all of this... i will keep this blog up for awhile but typepad will be the one updated...

yes, i am a tad embarrassed to have to switch it up on all of you (like there are a thousand people i am affecting, right?! haha) but you know, i am new at this blogging world and i am psyched! yes, i said it! i read whip up's craftblog advice and decided no more time to dawdle... i dont mind if a kazillion people read this because my main goal was to get out there (you know have a place where if i got a client, i could link them to a site)... meet others .... get invigorated... and truly, brush up on my writing skills! and i really want to learn!! learn how to juggle more than one project and a family, learn how to knit better, learn about life! this is the cure to cabin fever (along with caffeine, my mom and sister, and hiding in my studio)

(now, to email everyone and share the news *let your jaw drop to your lap*)


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