Wednesday, February 08, 2006

participation can be fun...

i am so excited! i just joined miss paper princess' gifty swap!!! i am already partnered up with someone and can't wait to ship out her gifts... i better not say what it is just yet but i put alot of time and got to go shopping... i really hope she likes it... i wanna do more swaps now... i want to participate in so much
and I MADE IT IN!!! I MADE THE KNITTING OLYMPICS!!! i'm so darn excited!!! i can't wait until the 10th when i am allowed to cast on... and what am i making?! a blue felted flap bag with knitted flowers in the front... i don't know if it will work out entirely but i really hope to get it done by the 26th... (i am moreso worried about knitting the flower)... i even bought circular needles which i am not sure how to use them, but no doubt, will figure it out... and i loaded up on thick yarn, have my #13 needles stabbed in one skein... and am revved to go... that means, lotsa knitting in 16 nights...

february is jam-packed and i am as excited as a kid getting $30 worth of free candy


Blogger shoofly said...

awesome!! good luck with the bag and flower! can't wait to see the results!

12:33 PM  

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