Saturday, February 04, 2006

when nana comes over...

meet nana, my niece... cousin to diego and a wonderful playmate as well! i babysat her for a few days as my sister recovered and rested... nana was a pleasure, as always... she keeps diego from climbing the table and teaches him how to bodyslam into his couch... they make the other chase them and scream when my hubby is trying to sleep... they both love disney's dinosaur... diego watches shrek 1; nana, shrek 2... they are truly best buds already... she reads to him (she will be 4 in march, mind you) and he will try his hardest to do the same... however, as you can tell from the picture, he is more concerned with the tv than the book... a habit he will be unable to keep for long... nana treats diego well and will say more than once, "that's okay, diego"....

occasionally, she calls me "mumma" and then remembers i'm her aunt... but now, diego is calling me "tia ellia" so somehow the roles got mix matched... honestly, she doesn't really like my cooking... prefers canned over semi-homemade... no doubt, i am the aunt that eats the weird stuff--- unless it pertains to candy... or starbucks... at age 3, she knows her starbucks! a cinnamon vanilla soy steamer... perhaps one day i will allow her to savor a half a shot of espresso... do i dare?! since i am walking distance from target, and they have a starbucks in there, that is our trek... nana with a steamer, diego with pediasure, and i with my 2% vanilla latte... (now, to get my sister into coffee)

well, other than the picky eating (which i have no axe to grind on that topic), things were fairly simple with her around... i mean, i could skip cooking all together and just feed her juice and cookies... and diego could have goldfish crackers and pedialyte... and then i could thrive off peanut butter oreos and coffee... no dirty pots or unwanted food... nana a friend to diego and he enjoys her company as well... but on top of all of this, my sister and her hubby bought a thank you gift... tim burton's corpse bride!!!!!!!! i am a tim burton fan to the tee! i have his toys, his book, his movies... i was bummed that we couldn't get the bride but here, my sister bought it for me... nearly had me in tears from such thoughtfulness!!! in the first day, i've watched it 3 times... nana and diego's habits are rubbing off, eh?! i have a wonderful family... immediate and extended... we are as tight as how i knit (and that is tight)!


Blogger Walter's Mom said...

Hahaha you do knit tight! Just relax .. LOL..

Anyway.. do you know why your text is always HUGE and GIANT on my screen? Is it like that on yours? I get like 7 super short lines per screen and then I have to scroll down more... Just wanted to ask about that?

12:17 PM  
Blogger Walter's Mom said...

Oh, I wanted to tell you also that my sister is a huge Tim Burton fan too!

12:20 PM  
Anonymous alexandria said...

Your baby boy is beautiful! as well as your niece. I have a friend who's little girl they call Nana and she looks so much like your niece it's crazy!

mmmm, coffee : )- I wish I could get my hubby more into coffee. He is starting to like the coffeehouse atmosphere and usually picks the sweetest thing he can find to drink!

7:47 PM  

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